About Jeff Wonders

Jeff Wonders is a personal project of Esen Karol, a graphic designer from Istanbul. It is an archive of interviews with designers about the stories behind their works. Each selected work is linked to a specific interview with its designer. Each interview is about the linked work only. The interviews are conducted face to face.

The website is designed by Fahri Özkaramanlı and programmed by Mert Hürtürk. Fahri and Mert are also the consultants and main supporters of the project.

Jeff Wonders wouldn’t exist if the designers wouldn’t allow their work and their stories to be a part of it.

Jeff Wonders is related to Jeff Talks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the language of the interview?

An interview is conducted in the language, the designer prefers. Esen is able to conduct an interview only in Turkish, English or German.


What determines the length of an interview?

The length of an interview is usually determined by the story behind the work. It also depends on the willingness of the designer to talk about the work in depth and the quality of the questions asked.


Why are there no transcripts or translations?

Transcriptions/translations are very time and energy consuming. Since this is a personal project with no funding, Esen has decided to develop the archive in a way she can sustain. Sorry.


Why is this site in English but some/most of the interviews are in Turkish?

We don’t know which will be the most used language of interviews in the future. We will be working on the Turkish interface but for now our resources only allow us to produce a hybrid.


How are the works selected?

As you would guess, the selection process is highly personal. The interviews would give you enough clues about why a work is selected. On the other hand since the interviews are conducted face to face only, it’s also important that a designer is within reach and accepts the invitation to be interviewed.


How can I suggest a work?

You can suggest a work by sending a mail to info@jeff-wonders.com. However there is a condition: The work, you consider suggesting cannot be yours. You can only suggest a work if you’re really curious about its story. Obviously it also has to be a work of a living designer. You need to be able to send images of/about the suggested work and also the contact information of its designer.


What happens after I suggest a work?

Esen cannot promise anything really. However—if she would think the suggested work would fit in Jeff Wonders—she would do her best to experience the actual work and to meet its designer. In any case she would be thankful to you.


Can I suggest my own work?



What is "Sign In" for?

Only designers, whose works are presented here, can sign in so that they can update their profiles.


Why some of the designer profiles seem not to be up to date?

Designers are responsible of updating their own profiles. You can inform us if you notice a profile, which you think needs to be updated, by sending a mail to info@jeff-wonders.com.


Answer not here? Contact us with your question.